Dual Binwhip

Power through the toughest hang-ups in a fraction of the time with patented counter-rotational technology.

Unmatched Cleaning Power

Fully load your railcars. Slash your transportation costs, reduce health and safety risk, and protect your worker health and safety.

Maximize Loaded Weights
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Speed up bulk material unloading with Pneumat’s powerful truck and railcar loadout systems.

Rapid Hopper Unloading

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Dual Impact BinWhip
Cardox Co2

Keep Bulk Materials Moving

Pneumat is the premiere solution provider for dry bulk material handlers. Equipment like our BinWhip, HopperPopper, and RailSpreader keep product flowing in the grain, feed, cement, coal, and industries of all types across the globe. Since 1980 we’ve been innovating effective, reliable solutions to the world’s toughest bulk flow problems.

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Driven to (Up)solve
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At Pneumat, we don’t just solve our customers’ bulk flow problems, we (up)solve with innovative systems and services that get the job done safer, faster, and easier.

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Virtual Roundtable
Meet the Team

A discussion of the issues we all face when storing and transporting bulk materials, and how Pneumat works to overcome them.

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Maximize Loaded Weights

Eliminate voids and save hundreds of dollars per car with a system that reduces manual labor and eliminates unsafe working conditions.

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Dual Impact BinWhip

Clean bins and silos up to 400% faster with this revolutionary new technology.

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Online Product Training

In addition to on-site training from our experienced product experts, Pneumat also provides FREE video training resources with step-by-step instruction and guidance in the use and maintenance of our equipment.

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Need a bin or silo cleared? Make the call, and let our professional crew eliminate the problem. We’re the world’s fastest, safest, most affordable silo cleaning service. Our crews respect your company safety policies and production challenges, and work relentlessly until the job is done.

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