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Proven Silo Cleaning & Bulk Material Handling Solutions

Pneumat Systems helps bulk material handlers throughout the world address build-up, blockages, and other bulk flow issues. Founded by a family of entrepreneurial engineers over 40 years ago, we design and deploy innovative silo cleaning and material handling systems that maximize safety and productivity at your facility.

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It's too expensive not to fix the problem.

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Safeguarding Global Supply Chains

Pneumat Systems helps keep critical commodities flowing around the globeGuided by our mission to create a safer world free from bulk flow issues, our customers know us as more than just an equipment vendor, but as a trusted team of problem-solving partners. The world’s ever-increasing demand for food, fuel, goods, and building materials makes this work more vital than ever, and Pneumat is proud to support bulk material handlers like you as we rise to meet the challenge together.

EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS for Materials of All Types

  • grains
  • meals
  • DDGs
  • flour
  • midds
  • fines
  • fertilizer
  • soybean meal
  • corn gluten meal
  • bone/blood meal
  • bakery meal
  • burnt product
  • sugar
  • salt
  • cement
  • clinker
  • ore
  • granite
  • clay
  • fly ash
  • kiln dust
  • coal
  • coke
  • catalyst
  • clay
  • calcite
  • aluminum
  • roofing granules
  • gypsum
  • slag
  • soda ash
  • lime
  • phosphate
  • plastic pellets
  • wood/paper pulp
  • screenings
  • powders
  • chemicals
  • rocks & gravel
  • sand
  • dust
  • many more...
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Safer. Faster. Easier.

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Pneumat helps companies large and small keep product moving around the world.

Explore Our Innovative Product Lines

Ko Dibw
Dual Impact BinWhip

The powerfully effective Dual Impact BinWhip solved the issues that stem from caking, bridging, doming, funneling, ratholing, or plugging in bins, bunkers, and storage silos.

Bindrill Bridge Breaker

Lighter and more easily transported than competing systems, the Pneumat BinDrill works like a portable drilling rig to create flow channels or create an opening in bridged product through which the BinWhip can enter.

Cardox Tube Assembly
Cardox CO2 Blaster

Our trailblazing improvements to the Cardox CO2 Blasting System simplified tube refills for everyone, eliminating the need for on-site refrigeration units and preventing the misfires that plague competing products.

Railcar Hopper Loading Spreader Disk

When approached by bulk rail shippers struggling to fully load their hopper cars, we invented an automated railcar loading system to boost loaded fill weights while eliminating hazardous manual labor.

Hopperpopper Air Blaster Unloader

The same solution-driven approach inspired the creation of our rapid truck hopper unloading system that uses precise blasts of air to dislodge sticky hung-up material like dried distiller's grains (DDGs) or soybean meal.

Hopperbot Railcar Unloader

Our amazing new HopperBot Intelligent Railcar Unloading System can be installed in less than 25 feet of overhead space, allowing facilities to rapidly unload meals, DDGs, and other challenging products without exposing workers to endless pounding, prodding, and other unsafe conditions.

Dual Impact Binwhip Silo Bin Cleaning Cutaway
Dibw Logo

The original Dual Impact BinWhip is the world's most powerful silo cleaning system.

If you're looking for an industrial-grade tool for dislodging tough materials, make sure you're familiar with the performance benefits of the patented double whipset design.

The Challenge

We'd all like to live in a world where bulk materials flow freely through our storage and processing operations. Unfortunately, build-up, bridging, and blockages are a constant battle for dry bulk material handlers like us, choking productivity and creating safety nightmares throughout our production processes.

Engineering Safer Solutions

At Pneumat, safety has been our guiding star, a vision that drives everything we do. Our talented team has decades of experience evaluating, troubleshooting, and eliminating bulk flow issues across multiple industries. Reach out if you have any questions about how Pneumat's solutions can help you can run your facility more efficiently while protecting your team from harm.

Experience + Expertise

Learn more about the creative people and product lines that Pneumat Systems employs to keep bulk materials flowing and profits growing.

Protect your people.

Safety Icon


Pneumat's mission is to create a safer world, free from bulk flow issues. Our solutions exist to automate difficult tasks by eliminating confined space entry, strenuous manual labor, and other unsafe activities that expose workers to fall hazards, musculoskeletal injuries, and other threats to health and safety.

Binwhip Pricing Quote


"No Surprises" Pricing

At Pneumat, we understand the complexities of navigating procurement cycles and capital expenditure budgets. Whether you represent a multinational corporation, a regional contract service provider, or a local cooperative, we pledge to communicate cost information clearly and transparently so you can make the best purchasing decisions for your business.

We demonstrated the equipment to 40 or 50 people over a two day period and impressed everyone with its operation. Pneumat Systems went out of their way in providing superior quality service.

Steve Schulstrum

Ralston Purina Company

Comprehensive Training Resources

Pneumat Systems provides both face-to-face and digital equipment training programs.

Meet your compliance goals and build a safer, more effective team with training from the world's leading bulk flow technology experts.


Pneumat Cardox Logo

Demolition without Ignition

Pneumat is the premiere provider of the Cardox CO2 rapid gas expansion system. Originally developed for use in coal mining, Cardox delivers a controlled release of inert carbon dioxide at up to 34,000 psi. It's used extensively by cement plants, paper and pulp processors, and anyone looking to fracture and dislodge rock-hard material without the risk of igniting combustible dusts or gasses.

Cardox Silo Tube In Base Socket

Cardox equips your team with a safer alternative to traditional explosives.

Cardox Silo Tube In Base Socket

Comprehensive Product Research & Purchasing Support

Domestic & International Shipping

A Small Company with a Wide Reach

Each day, companies around the world rely on equipment from Pneumat Systems to keep their operations running at peak efficiency. Equipping our customers with systems and supplies in a timely manner demands a well-managed shipping process. This is especially true in the case of transport across international borders, which can be a minefield of complex regulatory requirements (import/export licenses, customs documentation, duties, taxes, tariffs, etc.) Over the years, Pneumat and our international representatives have worked with customers around the globe to provide whatever documentation or assistance is required to promptly deliver our products wherever they are needed.

Quality Control & Regulatory Compliance

A Mark of Excellence

Ce Certification Mark

As part of our commitment to health, safety, and environmental sustainability, Pneumat's silo cleaning product lines now carry the CE mark. This affirms our equipment complies with European Union standards for health, safety, and environmental protection, and may be sold anywhere in the European Economic Area (EEA). Pneumat is proud of this distinction, which communicates our high quality standards to customers in the EU and elsewhere. Please reach out if you have any questions about safety or compliance as they relate to our products and services.


Industries Served

Feed Mill Icon

Feed Mills & Integrators

Feed milling and integration facilities use Pneumat's silo cleaning and bulk handling equipment to keep grains, meals, midds, fines, minerals, and other ingredients flowing efficiently through their storage bins and processing lines.

Cement Plant Icon

Cement Plants

Cement plants around the world make extensive use of the Cardox CO2 gas expansion system and our powerful Dual Impact BinWhip to efficiently remove buildup in their fuel silos, pre-heater towers, raw ingredient silos, kilns, finished cement silos, and pack house silos.

Rail Receivers Icon

Dry Bulk Receivers

Facilities that receive dry bulk ingredients and raw materials by truck or rail often face serious unloading challenges. The HopperPopper and HopperBot deliver automated unloading solutions to maximize safety and throughput.

Food Producer Icon

Food & Ingredient Manufacturers

Food processors use Pneumat equipment to clean compacted flour, sugar, salt, and other food-grade products from storage vessels while avoiding contamination. These efforts help prevent spoilage or the growth of hazardous microorganisms like Listeria.

Chemical Production Icon

Chemical Production

Chemical manufacturing and refining operations need reliable silo cleaning equipment that can withstand harsh environments where salts, soda ash, sodium bicarbonate, phosphates, and other important chemicals are handled and processed.

Glass Production Icon

Glass Manufacturers

Pneumat’s Dual Impact BinWhip and other buildup removal tools are invaluable in the glass industry, where precise mixes of sand, cullet, soda ash, lime, and other alkalis and oxides need to be kept flowing to achieve the desired product properties.

Pet Food Icon

Pet Food Manufacturers

Pet food is big business. Some of the world’s largest manufacturers use our unloading equipment to efficiently receive dry bulk ingredients, as well as deploying our silo cleaning equipment to keep plant and meat-based protein meals flowing.

Steel Production Icon

Metal Production

By combining power and control, our adaptable silo cleaning solutions are an excellent fit for producers of steel and other metals, where they are used to safely clean a variety of chambers including coal bunkers, smelting furnaces, refractory-lined flues, and other processing and storage vessels.

Engineering Construction Icon

Engineering & Construction Firms

Pneumat has forged strong, mutually beneficial relationships with engineering firms, construction companies, and millwright service providers looking to incorporate our equipment into their designs and projects or provide system information and recommendations to their clients.

Grain Elevator Icon

Grain Handlers & Processors

Pneumat equipment is used to optimize bulk transport and clear out-of-condition product from storage vessels at grain elevators, oilseed crushers, wet milling and dry milling operations, malt plants, and other facilities that handle and process grains.

Rail Shipper Icon

Dry Bulk Rail Shippers

Companies that ship dry bulk materials by rail use Pneumat’s RailSpreader to automate their loadout process and load more product into their hopper cars – reducing safety risks while saving millions of dollars in transportation costs.

Surface Mine Icon

Mining Operations

Our MSHA-trained teams help underground and surface mine operators deploy buildup removal systems in bins, bunkers, and silos. Our powerful systems have been used to dislodge hung-up ore, coke, coal, limestone, shale, clay, sand and gravel, and many other minerals and mined materials.

Energy Production Icon

Energy Production

Our non-sparking and non-igniting cleanout systems are an excellent fit for petroleum refineries and electricity generating power plants who deal with challenging combustible bulk materials like coal, catalyst, petcoke, and fly ash.

Paper Mill Icon

Pulp & Paper Mills

Pulp and paper mills process high quantities of wood chips, plant fibers, and other raw materials. Cardox and our suite of silo cleaning equipment is used to clear rings and buildup in lime reburner kilns and various storage and processing vessels throughout these complex facilities.

Fertilizer Production Plant Icon

Fertilizer Plants

For decades, Pneumat equipment has been put to use cleaning and restoring lost capacity to the silos fertilizer manufacturers use to store essential plant nutrients like ammonium nitrate, urea, potash, and phosphate rocks and powders.

Ethanol Biofuel Icon

Ethanol & Biofuel Production 

The RailSpreader has found widespread use at ethanol and biodiesel facilities that load DDGs into railcars, eliminating voids and maximizing loaded weights. Our silo cleaning systems are also frequently used to keep milled corn, DDGs, and related co-products flowing throughout biorefining operations.

Water Treatment Icon

Public Water Systems

Municipal sewer and water treatment operations professionals have discovered that our BinDrill and BinWhip are the perfect combination for eliminating buildup and blockages in their lime and soda ash silos while avoiding hazardous confined space entry.

Transportation Logistics Icon

Transportation & Logistics

Pneumat has worked with Class I railroads and freight service providers to install dry bulk loading and unloading systems at key points along their routes and intermodal transloading hubs to enhance the flow of critical commodities.

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Could a safer, faster, easier bulk flow solution help your company achieve important goals?

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Could a safer, faster, easier bulk flow solution help your company achieve important goals?

We look forward to learning more about your operation and providing whatever information we can to help you out. Contact us today to start the conversation.

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