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Lowering Binwhip Into Silo

Bin & Silo Cleaning Solutions That Work

Dual-Impact BinWhip Cutting Through Cement
Our patented Dual Impact BinWhip is the ultimate solution for safely removing buildup in your storage vessels to restore lost capacity and boost plant profitability.
Feed Mill Bindrill Digging Product
Pneumat's BinDrill is designed to drill a hole through bridged material to any depth, creating a flow channel or opening through which the BinWhip can enter.
Cardox In Use At Feed Mill
The Cardox CO2 Blasting System is used to clear rock-hard material from storage vessels with a high-pressure release of non-flammable carbon dioxide, and is used extensively in the cement industry.

How Your Facility Can Benefit From Pneumat Solutions

For over 40 years, providing a safe and effective bin and silo cleaning solutions has been the driving force behind Pneumat Systems.

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Dustin Williams Cardox + BinWhip Sales Manager Avatar

Dustin Williams

Industrial & International Sales

Pneumat can equip your facility with reliable, built-to-last silo cleanout equipment and train your team to use it effectively, or we can deploy our TeamPneumat Cleanout Service to professionally clear your silo for you. We started as a basic vac service to the grain industry and quickly realized that there must be a better way to keep people from entering one of the deadliest areas in the facility, the confined space of a bin or silo. That's when we invented three innovative systems – the BinWhip, BinDrill, and Cardox CO2 Blasting System. Each day, these powerful tools help dry bulk material handlers clear and unplug bins and silos while eliminating the need for hazardous bin entry that puts employees at risk.

How Cement Plants Are Using Cardox + BinWhip for Rapid Blockage Elimination

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We're here to help with whatever information or assistance we can offer to keep your operation running strong.


Dustin Williams Cardox + BinWhip Sales Manager Avatar

Dustin Williams

Industrial & International Sales

Alternative fuel mandates are good for the environment but are creating huge problems throughout cement manufacturing production lines. (Have you seen the mess burnt pistachio hulls can leave in a preheater tower!?) We've got solutions for just about everything, and the ability to train plant staff on how to deploy them safely and effectively.

  • Patented counter-rotational design tears through buildup with precision control
  • Easily adapts to a wide range of bins and silos at your facility
  • Runs on electricity, no plant air required
  • Breaks down for easy transport from bin to bin
  • Easily drills through and clears plugged bins and silos
  • Breaks down for easy handling from bin to bin
  • Hydraulic power can do away with rock-hard material buildup
  • Safe and cost-effective by reducing lost production time
  • Powerful, controlled gas release dislodges material with up to 34,000 psi blast
  • Our Rapid-Fill Pump and the Auto-Fill Head allow for easy on-site tube refilling
  • Affordable, readily-available consumables
  • Training by the nation’s most experienced Cardox professionals

Cardox Training Video Sample

In-Depth Training Resources

Pneumat offers both in-person and virtual training resources for our bin and silo cleaning product lines, developed by our team of bulk flow equipment professionals. Our outstanding training and support ensure that you meet your safety and compliance goals while implementing powerful new silo cleaning technology that your team has the knowledge and skills to operate safely and effectively.

Rob Duffee Cardox + BinWhip Sales Manager Avatar

Rob Duffee

Domestic Sales & Safety Manager, Pneumat Systems Inc.

Our Bin & Silo Cleaning Service

If an equipment purchase isn’t the right solution for your company, your facility can still benefit from Pneumat’s full line of premiere silo cleaning technology. Our TeamPneumat Cleanout Service deploys experienced, professional crews to your location, fully equipped with our complete line of silo cleaning tools and equipment. Our professional crews have experience handling just about every buildup, bridging, ratholing, or plugging challenge imaginable, and will respect your company safety policies and production schedules as they get your product flowing.

If you need a bin or silo cleared, give us a call and let our experienced crew eliminate the problem. We've been delivering rapid, affordable, and safe bin and silo cleaning solutions since 1980. Ask around – our reputation for delivering reliable bin cleaning services is undeniable.

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What Our Customers Say

Upgrading to the Dual Impact BinWhip has cut our silo cleaning times dramatically. That thing is a beast.

Frank K.

ABS Aggregates, Inc.

It’s very apparent that Pneumat Systems is a professional, safety-oriented company. Their BinWhip system allows for greater control of product removal than competing systems.

Don F.

Ferguson Contracting, Inc.

Thanks again for helping us dislodge one hundred tons of material which had compressed and completely bridged our bin. I must admit to having doubts about the system but "seeing is believing".

Ian S.

British Gypsum Limited

For 40 years, our committed team has worked with cement professionals of every stripe, helping production managers, coordinators, purchasers, engineers, directors, supervisors, and team leads streamline their operations with safer, faster, easier solutions.

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