For over 30 years, providing a safe and effective bin and silo cleaning solution has been the driving force behind Pneumat Systems.

Pneumat started as a basic vac service to the grain industry, and quickly realized that there had to be a better way to keep people from entering one of the deadliest places in a facility, the confined space of a bin. That’s when we invented the hydraulic BinWhip, BinDrill, and Cardox CO2 Blasting System and started marketing them for sale, eliminating the need for bin entry when clearing or unplugging a bin or silo.

Pneumat approaches our customers in two different ways: We sell the BinWhip and BinDrill with the proper training to help your staff effectively clean your bins… but we also offer our TeamPneumat Clean Out Service where our experienced, professional crews come to your location, fully equipped with Pneumat solutions, to clean your bins and silos for you.

No matter which direction you decide to go, Pneumat is here to solve your problems.

BinWhip silo cleaning system.

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