Pneumat Systems is North America’s leader in Cardox consumables, parts and systems.

Every day more and more cement plants are discovering why Pneumat is their one stop source for Cardox. All of our Cardox products are made right here in our US facility. We always have stock, ready for shipment today and our consumables are sold at the lowest price on the market.

In addition to exceptional pricing, Cardox Training is offered by Pneumat that will truly benefit your facility in terms of bin & cement silo cleaning. Our trainers actually have extensive experience in firing, filling and deploying Cardox systems. Plants that have gone through our new training program have nothing but complements on how much knowledge they gained in one of our sessions.

We want our plants to be “Mis-Fire” free. Facilities that use Pneumat’s system, consumables and training guidelines quickly see the overall savings we bring to the table.

Call us today and discover how we can increase your Cardox efficiencies and lower your overall costs!

Cardox CO2: During and After Blast

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