Blasting DDGs out of Trucks and Railcars

After bouncing across the country under unpredictable temperatures and high humidity, DDGs and Meal don’t unload out of railcars or semi truck trailers with ease. Pneumat has seen first hand the extra time and costs associated with moving DDGs and Meal.

Hoppers and discharges have been battered and broken by mauls, vibrators and other instruments of destruction in an attempt to get product flowing.

Initially the solution seemed simple, modify Pneumat’s BInWhip and BinDrill system to fit a railcar. We did and the RailWhip and Drill were born. It was a good solution at the time for an occasional difficult car, but once unit trains started shipping to single destinations, a higher throughput device was needed.

That’s when Pneumat’s engineering team developed the HopperPopper. It’s a great tool for blasting DDGs out of trucks and railcars.

If “hard cars” are giving you headaches, call Pneumat Systems to help you get your railcars and/or trucks unloaded safely and cost-effectively.

HopperPopper for Railcars and Trucks

HopperPopper Available in Railcar and Truck Sized Units

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