Unload sticky material from truck and railcar hoppers.

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Put down the rubber mallet and discover a better way to unload difficult bulk materials from truck and railcar hoppers. Downtime is reduced and bulk products are kept flowing with cutting-edge equipment and services designed for unloading trucks and railcars.

New Railcar Load System

You Need Reliable Railcar Unloading Systems For Optimal Flow. 

Hopperpopper Unloader
HopperPopper is the industry's most trusted tool for blasting DDGs out of trucks and railcars.
New Railcar Load System
TeamPnuemat's railcar and truck unloading crew is here to help take away "hard car" headaches.
TeamPneumat Cleaning Crew Worker Uses Cardox & BinWhip at Cement Plant
Wireless controls allow for custom-tailor fitting for your loadout area and maneuverability of blast probe from a safe distance

Introducing the HopperPopper

Designed to dislodge sticky, packed-in materials.

Offloading certain materials can be an absolute nightmare for truckers, rail carriers, and loadout facilities using traditional unloading methods. The HopperPopper railcar and truck unloading system eliminates these issues by delivering powerful air blasts exactly where they are needed inside the hopper, refluidizing the material so that it flows freely without hours of unsafe pounding and prodding.

It’s been proven effective on:

  • DDGs
  • Wheat Midds
  • Soybean Meal
  • Corn Gluten
  • Other Meals & Powders
  • Difficult Bulk Products of All Types

Offload in minutes with what used to take hours with the HopperPopper system.

A Safer, More Reliable Process

The HopperPopper is designed to be operated remotely from a safe distance. It also includes programmable machine limits that constrain the motion of the system to a safe operating envelope, reducing the chance of the probe coming into contact with a worker or causing damage to a railcar or truck trailer during railcar or truck unloading operations.

The HopperPopper delivers a faster and safer railcar and truck off-loading solution that won’t cause harm to your equipment, product, or employees.

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A rugged, hydraulic-driven blast probe enters the hopper from above and is easily maneuvered into any position inside the compartment.


A concentrated 100 psi blast of compressed air is released through the tip of the blast probe, disturbing material within the blast radius without causing damage to the hopper.


As the problem areas are identified and blasted by the operator, gravity carries the loosened material out through the discharge gate until the hopper is empty.


Miles of travel and humid weather can cause materials like DDGs and meals to become densely compacted inside a truck or railcar hopper - especially if they were loaded hot or wet. All manner of methods have been attempted by workers to free sticky product - sledgehammers, air lances, mauls, wacky homemade tools, vibrators, skid steer or backhoe-mounted contraptions, ramming and shaking - consuming time and energy to a frustrating degree. At the end of the day, workers get injured or quit, morale takes a hit, tensions flare, and facility throughput plummets.


With Pneumat’s HopperPopper, we’ve combined the power of compressed air blast technology with precise hydraulic control to rapidly unload problem products from railcars and trucks safely without damage.

The HopperPopper uses our patented technology to fluidize product in railcars and trucks with a high-volume blast of compressed air. The powerful hydraulic blast probe is inserted into the hopper using our wireless controller, and an intense blast of compressed air is released directly into the non-moving product, breaking it up and getting it to flow out of the discharge gate.

Put down your sledgehammers and enjoy the benefits of a HopperPopper installation at your facility today.

  • Decreased unloading times
  • Reduced risk exposure
  • Reduced labor and staffing costs
  • Happier employees, truckers, and management
  • Lower insurance rates and workers’ compensation costs
  • Less damage to railcars and trucks
  • Increased efficiency and throughput

“Truckers hauling DDGs and meals in the Midwest have been known to drive miles out of their way to unload at facilities equipped with the HopperPopper because of the speed, safety, and ease with which they are able to dump their load and get back on the road.”


Features & Benefits

Wireless Remote Control

With our wireless, handheld controller, operators can easily and safely move the HopperPopper’s blast probe around inside the hopper compartment, blasting bridges and hang-ups as they go. Operators control the system from a safe, elevated position that maximizes visibility so they can efficiently clear the compartment while avoiding damage to the equipment or hopper.

Flexible Customized Solutions

Pneumat’s HopperPopper is engineered to fit your loadout area and allow operators to control the unloading equipment from a safe vantage point. It can be tailored to fit a wide range of indoor and outdoor loadout configurations. The system is available in both a railcar and truck-sized unit.

Cardox CO2 Blasting System Product Photo


  • Blast DDGs out of difficult to reach bridges and gaps for easy truck and railcar unloading
  • Gain access to our inventory of competitively-priced consumables made here in the USA
  • Leverage wirelessly controlled technology for safe and easy use
  • Work with the nation’s leading HopperPopper experts for training and support
Dual Impact BinWhip CO2 Blasting System Product Photo


  • One simple call for “hard cars” and difficult unloading jobs
  • Respectful and experienced crews that work within your safety policies and schedule
  • Speedy team paired with the world’s most innovative railroad and truck unloading systems
  • Save money by having experts manage your cleanout faster and more reliably
TeamPneumat Cleanout Service Icon


  • Boost productivity up to 60% by drastically speeding up railcar and truck unloading times
  • No more slamming trucks or equipment with primitive tools
  • Keep bulk product protected through state-of-the-art air compression technology
  • Protect employees from busted knuckles or falls off railcars and trucks with wireless capabilities

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Railcar & Truck Unloading Solutions

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HopperPopper – Truck Sized Unit

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What Our Customers Say

Upgrading to the Dual Impact BinWhip has cut our silo cleaning times dramatically. That thing is a beast.

Frank K.

ABS Aggregates, Inc.

It’s very apparent that Pneumat Systems is a professional, safety-oriented company. Their BinWhip system allows for greater control of product removal than competing systems.

Don F.

Ferguson Contracting, Inc.

Thanks again for helping us dislodge one hundred tons of material which had compressed and completely bridged our bin. I must admit to having doubts about the system but "seeing is believing".

Ian S.

British Gypsum Limited

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