Pneumat Systems was developed out of the need for a better, safer way to clean grain bins and bulk material storage vessels. Through common sense and keen insight into the needs of bulk material handling and storage facilities, founder Gene Nelson created BinWhip. From a small 1,500-sq. ft. facility in 1980, Nelson began making product for internal use, as a contract grain bin cleaning specialist.

By the early ‘90s the contract cleaning business was brisk and the company expanded to a larger facility. Another expansion, several acquisitions and more products soon followed.

Today, BinWhip has became the cornerstone of a product line up that includes equipment for restoring flow to bulk materials in railcars and semi trailers (Hopper Popper), loading railcars (RailSpreader), as well as automated solutions for material hang ups in production line facilities.

Pneumat Systems continues to provide on-site solutions to bulk material flow issues through TeamPneumat, in addition to sales of products to bulk material handling and load-out facilities.

TeamPneumat Lineup