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Run your feed mill at full capacity.

Clean silos faster with reliable grain silo cleaning systems designed for feed manufacturers and integrators.
Pneumat Binwhip Makes Feed Mill Silos Empty

Purchase the world's best grain bin cleaning equipment + comprehensive training and support for your team.

Our feed mill partners benefit from over 40 years of grain bin cleaning equipment innovation.

Dual-Impact BinWhip Cutting Through Cement
The revolutionary new Dual Impact BinWhip delivers maximum power and control, cutting through the hardest hung-up feed ingredients in silos and elevators with ease.
Feed Mill Bindrill Digging Grain
The Pneumat BinDrill can drill to virtually any depth inside a silo, opening flow channels or breaking through bridged product so the BinWhip can enter.
Cardox Blasting Grain 400px
A mainstay in mines and cement plants, our Cardox CO2 Blasting System is increasingly finding applications in feed production for rapid dislodgment of difficult materials.
Feed Mill Silo Cleaning Service Expert
Our knowledgable team of product experts have seen just about every situation imaginable and can deliver advise and training to help you conquer any bulk flow challenges you may face.

How Feed Mills Are Benefitting from New Grain Bin Cleaning Equipment Like the Dual Impact BinWhip

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Dustin Williams Cardox + BinWhip Sales Manager Avatar

Dustin Williams

Industrial & International Sales

"We've taken all the frustrations we encountered over decades of cleaning silos and addressed them with one incredible tool!"

We provide dependable equipment designed to address the unmet needs of milling and integrating facilities.

  • Flexible, portable grain bin cleaning system adapts to a wide range of premix and finished feed bins, silos, and storage vessels at your mill
  • Double whip sets spinning in opposite directions create powerful shearing forces to dislodge hard material with reversible hydraulic force
  • Patented counter-rotational design stabilizes the whip head for precision control, cutting through hard ledges without skipping over them
  • We offer a wide range of non-sparking flails and specialized chain sets that allow you to safely attack different materials without damaging your silo
  • 40 years of experience partnering with feed mills to keep their bulk materials flowing – from wheat midds and DDG's to soybean meal, corn gluten meal, cottonseed and rapeseed meal, bone and blood meal, whey, salt, and more
  • Runs on electricity, requiring no plant air or expensive air compressor rental
  • Use in conjunction with our BinDrill and Cardox system for a comprehensive industrial silo cleaning solution
  • Safely clear rock-hard blockages due to out-of-condition grain (moisture, mold, insect activity, fire or burnt / burning product, etc.)
  • Unlike some competitors, our grain bin cleaning process won't contaminate your product with hose fragments or other foreign materials
  • We legendary support, including both face-to-face and digital training resources to get your team up and running fast
  • Equipping your facility with a silo cleaning system allows you to clean your silos NOW, instead of waiting on expensive contractors
Dibw Assembly
Lowering Bindrill
Bindrill Box
Binwhip Box Copy
Cardox Box
Lowering Binwhip
Dustin Avatar

Dustin Williams

International & Industrial Sales

"When it comes to silo cleaning, it's about having the right tools for the job. Pneumat's clients benefit tremendously from having access to our full suite of cleanout equipment that can address problem areas all throughout their facility."

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It’s very apparent that Pneumat Systems is a professional, safety-oriented company. Their BinWhip system allows for greater control of product removal than competing systems.

Don Ferguson

Ferguson Contracting, Inc.

For over 40 years, our committed team has worked with bulk flow professionals of every stripe, helping production managers, coordinators, purchasers, engineers, directors, supervisors, and team leads streamline their operations with safer, faster, easier solutions.

Schedule a convenient time to connect with us and find out if Pneumat's grain bin cleaning equipment and expertise can help you achieve your goals.

Thanks again for helping us dislodge one hundred tons of material which had compressed and completely bridged our bin. I must admit to having doubts about the system but "seeing is believing".

Ian Simpson

British Gypsum Limited