I've always loved short science fiction set in bars.

Everything from Spider Robinson's "Callihan's Crosstime Saloon" to Asimov's "Azazel" stories; it all resonates with me, which is strange, since I'm not really a "bar" kind of guy.

What I love about it is the conceitthe potential to take a story anywhere you want, with almost no restrictions. That's why the real star of First Round (in my mind, at least)is The Lair.

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The Lair is the stereotypical supervillain hangouta bar where the very worst the world has to offer gets to huddle around a pint and bitch about "those smug bastards" that keep screwing things up for them.

This bar, and it's ever-changing cast of regulars and drop-in super-drunks, gives me the opportunity to tell any story I can think of in a superhero setting.

Enter Drake Allen.

Drake (or "Plasmaton", as he's known while the cape is flapping in the breeze behind him) is a member of the League, his world's premiere group of powered heroes. At least, he is, until he's framed for a crime he didn't commit. This, of course, leads his teammates to try to arrest him in the name of justice.

Drake decides he has a better chance of proving his innocence if he's not in custody, so he does something that's against his natureand resists arrest.

In the processhe accidentally kills an innocent bystander.

No matter what evidence was faked, there's no way to deny to himself that he's guilty of murderand on the run.As he tries to hide out, he's befriended by a common thug that takes him to The Lair for a free drink.

There, he meets a motley crew, and finds himself drawn into a villainous caper put together to "show him how to be a real villain".

This doesn't end wellfor anyone.

First Round is, at it's heart, a comedy, because I couldn't write without humor at gunpoint. How will it turn out?

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