High Five your Way to Social Media Success with Your Direct Sales Business

High Five your Way to Social Media Success with your Direct Sales Business

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Are you ready to high five your way to success in blending your direct sales business with social media?

Before you read any further, grab a piece of paper and trace your hand. Together, we are about to create a fun visual anchor and accountability tool. By following the simple and playful philosophy behind each finger and the action steps it represents, you will create a thoughtful, effective, and unique marketing strategy that will capture the essences of social media and direct sales.

Simply label each finger with the keyword action steps, commit to the daily steps, and you'll high five your way to success!

Thumbs Up! The Fonz of "Happy Days" started a revolution with his signature "thumbs up" move. Receiving a "thumbs up" quickly became a sign of recognition, connection, acceptance, and empowerment. This little random act of kindness is at the heart of the social media culture. Each day, use your personal artistry, strengths, and knowledge to create conversations that will empower your network and elevate the individuals who have made the choice to follow you.

Point the Way to New Knowledge! One attraction to social media is the personal growth we experience by meeting new people and tapping into new ideas shared by others. Be the one to embrace the spirit of giving by sharing practical, usable, and inspirational resources or tips with others. Your direct sales success is determined by how much you give and serve.

The Finger! Your middle finger is often referred to as Tall Man in nursery rhymes, and in teenage years as "the finger". It's the one finger that gets the most attention or biggest response when it's exposed. You want to create that same phenomena is social media. Expose your ideas and energy consistently to create vibrant, unforgettable visibility. Be in front of your network to engage in conversations, contribute usable content, and elevate your community.

The Engagement! Your fourth finger is known as the "ring finger". It represents relationship building. When someone requests or accepts your friendship, you've entered into a relationship. You've been given a "ring". Vow to enter each new friendship with the right intentions of being authentic, interested and a giver of value to the relationship. Your success is influenced by how generously you place another's interests first.

Pinky Swear! Remember when you we're a kid and you'd "pinky swear" with your best friend to keep a promise or hold fast to a secret? Make a promise to yourself in social media. Pinky Swear to be who you are. Lead with your personal artistry and message not with your product line, current specials, or pleas to "join my team" status updates. Your personal artistry is the most important and influential factor in designing a dazzling direct sales business and social media presence.

Throughout your time on the social media sites, look at your hand for accountability and stay true your daily 5 action steps. Which fingers have you accomplished and which ones remain? At the end of the day, can you give yourself a "High Five"?


Remember, "Social" means community, connections, conversations, contributions, and collaborations. Social media is a platform to empower people in new directions, attract them to you authentically, and forge meaningful dynamic partnerships for your direct sales business.

YOU are the value in a relationship and partnership!

High Five!

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