It's been a busy week for me.

It's been a busy week for me. I've been interning at a local newspaper, learning the ropes of being a reporter.

But anyway. On to the major news of the week, which I'll cover as briefly as possible.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has been released.

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Some people have complained (including me) about it being last year's design, as well as continuing the plastic construction, which to me is a dealbreaker. Having held the HTC One and the iPhone 5, plastic devices just cannot compare, even if you call it 'polycarbonate'. I guess it's a great way to cut costs and reduce weight, but it still feels cheaper than it could do.

It also sets somewhat of a precedent by being 5 in size. Most manufacturers have bet on the larger screen sizes in 'bigger is better' versions of normal products, rather than using it with a flagship. It's a gamble on Samsung's part, and there's an interesting point to note that they have noticeably reduced the size of the bezels on the device in an effort to make it 'feel' smaller while still being arguably gigantic (a tactic HTC used on the One). I still believe that 5 of screen is more rightly deserving of a 'phablet' moniker (as the lines of phone and tablet blur), and I wonder just how many customers are really comfortable with such large devices.

Of course, talking about the screen, I would be remiss to not mention that it's 1080p just like the HTC One. Indeed, they share the same screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Because the HTC One's screen is slightly smaller at 4.7 (still pretty big) it has a higher pixel density, (the One has 468 ppi, the Galaxy S4 441 ppi), but we've hit such a high range that I don't know how much it really matters any more. In comparison, the iPhone 5 (Apple being the original pusher of huge screen resolutions with the 'retina' display) has 326 ppi, with the Android devices far outstripping it. Once again, Samsung has also relied on a Pentile display but whether this will be a concern is still to be seen.

One area that Samsung appears to have excelled in is the version of Android that it ships with 4.2. In comparison, HTC's flagship device only has 4.1.2. Of course, this doesn't mean much as I'm sure there's already a 4.2 test ROM floating around for the HTC One in HTC's headquarters, and there's likely to be a new version of Android coming along soon anyway, which will render everything 'out of date' once again.

What we have right now are two astonishing Android devices new to the market, and it's difficult to say which one currently has more mindshare. Because Samsung is the biggest player on the Android scene right now, and their marketing budget reflects that, they have the chance to sway the mindshare in their direction, taking the spotlight away from the One. That is by no means a definitive view of things to come, as there are always hiccups and bumps along the road for any company and product.

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