Hair loss is a slow process, and can be attributed to genetics.

Male and female pattern baldness is one of the most common reasons of losing ones hair, and is something that is passed down genetically.

Losing hair is a natural thing, as it takes place during the body's regeneration process. However, as our bodies age, loss of hair becomes more common. Hair follicles weaken and scalp tissue dehydrates.

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For females, hair loss frequently occurs during menopause and when giving birth. The changes in estrogen levels is the reason that cause hair to fall out.

Hair loss can also be caused by a significant medical issue. You should always check with a medical professional if you are suffering hair loss. They will discover if you hair loss is caused by to genetics, or something more serious.

Losing ones hair occurs more as we get older, but it can show up in males as soon as the onset of puberty. Both men and women are affected by hair loss, though it is more socially acceptable to have men suffering from hair loss, then it is to have balding females.

There are many treatments that you can purchase that are supposed to assist in the control of hair loss. Get more information about one such product here: buy Provillus. The products that are currently available have the same main component, since there are very few Food and Drug Administration approved ingredients for the treatment of hair loss. Most products for hair loss are only to be used on the very top of your head, otherwise known as the crown or vertex.

For those experiencing loss of hair and want to do something about it, the most important thing you need to do is make sure that your condition is not caused by some sort of medical issue. Once it is determined that your condition is caused by something that may be controlled, you should investigate to see what hair loss treatments options are available for you.

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