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In this game you play as Detective Constable Lucy Baker, who is recently assigned to work in a run down back office in the police station, with a rather nice Mr. Alfrendi Layton (nicknamed by Lucy Prof.). See, Mr. Layton is the best detective on the force, and he works on all cases that cannot be solved by the normal police. To assist him in his work, he also has created a machine which can re-create any crime scene, allowing you to investigate without ever having to leave the office, which he christens the Mystery Room. So, the two of you begin to tackle cases, with Alfrendi in the roll of a mentor. That's all I'm giving away as to the story.

Truly, the story is where this game shines. It's full of smart writing, a colorful cast of characters, and a neat premise. I wanted to keep playing just to see who I would encounter next. I want to keep as much of the story under wraps as possible, as the game itself plays out like a visual novel, and if the story was given away, there would be no reason to play.

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The basic gameplay is broken into two segments: gathering evidence in the investigation period in the Mystery Room, and cross-examining witnesses in the Interrogation period. While in the investigation period, you shift from the 2D perspective of the dialogue sequences, to a 3D view of the crime scene, which can be manipulated at your leisure. While in this view, you gather various items into evidence by clicking on them (they will have dots on them) to be used in the next part of the game. Also in Investigation mode, you need to ultimately gather certain things (such as how the murder was committed, what evidence contradicts the suspect's statement, etc.), which is shown on the deductions board in Alfrendi's office. You are free to tackle these in the order you choose, however, most of the time, certain deductions must be known before you can tackle others.

The next part of the game, Interrogation, plays out like an Ace Attorney style cross examination segment. After you have enough evidence to name a suspect, you call them in and begin to ask questions, or present them with incriminating evidence. The more evidence you use correctly, the closer they get to confessing to the crime.

Overall, I think that they did a great job of making you feel like a detective. It feels really great to gather evidence and interrogate suspects. Only occasionally did I get stumped, and that was my fault, not the games. Unfortunately, this can get rather repetitive, but the game designers realized this, and as a result there are more varied cases towards the end, such as investigating an entire castle to find a hidden room.


The 2d hand drawn art in this game is beautiful. Simply gorgeous. All the colors are bright and pop, especially when viewing it on an iPad, and the designs of the characters are very nice indeed. It has a nice anime style going for it, which is appropriate, considering Level 5 is a Japanese company. However, the same cannot be said for the 3D graphics in the investigation stages. These clash with the overall art style, and ultimately look muddy, outdated and are really terrible to look at. All well,you can't win 'em all.

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