5 Strange Weight Loss Tricks That Work

Weight loss is something that millions of people struggle with on a daily basis. Between eating the right foods and finding enough time to work out every day, many of us simply don't allocate enough time and energy to a healthier lifestyle. While there are the traditional methods of losing weight, i.e. eating right and exercising, there's sometimes more than that involved in weight loss. Here are five strange, yet effective weight loss tricks that really work!

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Dessert for breakfast

Eating healthy is challenging as it is, but if you're on the run a lot and order your breakfast out, seeing that fattening muffin or pastry in the case in front of you might be hard to resist. For our first weight loss trick, we want you to know we think it's actually a good idea to get that sweet treat for breakfast. How can this be? Well, studies suggest that those who have a larger breakfast which includes a sweet treat can keep weight off more than those who eat smaller breakfasts without any treats. A benefit to eating a sweet in the morning is that not only does it help curb your sweet cravings throughout the day but you also have the remainder of the day to work off what you ate for breakfast.

Cut it up

Cutting up your food into smaller pieces might seem silly, but it's a good strategy to try. By cutting your food into small pieces, you could potentially trick your brain into believing there's much more on the plate than there is, which will in turn make you eat less and feel satisfied sooner.

Work out before work

Finding time to exercise is the biggest challenge for professionals who are trying to lose weight and be healthy. While some of us are lucky enough to have a long enough lunch break or time after work to hit the gym, between families, other priorities and sheer laziness, the gym is put on the back burner quite often throughout the week. This is exactly why working out in the morning before going to work is such a useful trick. Studies have even found that working out in the morning allows you to work harder and push yourself further than you would if you exercised at another time during the day.

Drink warm water

Ice cold water has gotten a very positive reputation for making your body work to adjust to the temperature, but it might not be the best choice if you're trying to lose weight. Warm water before a meal will help you to feel fuller quicker which could then help you consume less during your meal.

Stop starving yourself

Have you heard of the six small meals a day trick? It's a real thing, and it works. Eating frequent meals, five to six per day, can help to boost your metabolism and will help focus your attention on finding good foods that are rich in nutrients. By eating more foods that are healthy and full of protein, fiber and other nutrients, this will also help to give you energy and keep you full without all of the additional calories you'd consume in processed foods.

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