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Take advantage of our cutting-edge bin and silo cleaning equipment for sale, designed for industries that rely on bulk material processing and handling. 

Cement Pyro-Processing Facility That Benefits from Cardox & BinWhip

40+ Years of bin and silo cleaning equipment innovation 

Dual-Impact BinWhip Cutting Through Cement
The Dual Impact BinWhip offers maximum power and control, eliminating the hardest hung-up materials in bins, silos, and elevators.
Feed Mill Bindrill Digging Grain
Our BinDrill can drill down to nearly any depth inside of a silo to clear flow channels and break through bridged product so that the BinWhip can finish the job.
Cardox Blasting Grain 400px
The Cardox Co2 Blasting System safely eliminates chokes, blockages, and plugs in bins, silos, kilns, preheater towers, and wherever flammable materials are stored.
Railspreader Load Optimizer Product Feature 2
Save millions, drastically reduce hazardous risk exposure, and optimize loaded fill weights with the RailSpreader, designed for dry bulk commodities of all types. 
Hopperpopper Unloader

Blast away bridges, make quick work of hang-ups, and minimize labor risks when unloading DDGs from trucks and railcars with the HopperPopper.

Why Choose Pneumat? 

Since 1980, we’ve put our innovation and creative mechanical skills to the test by creating industry-leading silo and bin cleaning equipment for sale to save facilities millions of dollars every year while keeping employees safe. From grain handlers and pet food processors to chemical manufacturers, cement plants, and countless others - we’ve helped a wide range of companies revolutionize their unloading process. Pneumat Systems Inc. empowers businesses of all shapes and sizes, ensuring that product moves around the world more efficiently than ever before.

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Our silo and bin cleaning equipment for sale was designed to eliminate the most stubborn buildup and hang-ups.
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A Long-Term Investment

Reliable longevity in the most brutal work environments while optimizing unloading processes for maximum savings. 
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Our expert teams and training resources help get your system up and operating quickly and safely. 

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We’ve worked with thousands of companies over the years to improve operations and keep bulk products flowing. Our wide range of bin and silo cleaning equipment for sale helps businesses save millions in wasted product, damaged equipment, workers’ compensation cases, and labor costs. Contact our team today to explore which product is right for your facility.  

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The Dual Impact BinWhip

This revolution in silo cleaning technology was the first of its kind and has only advanced over time. The patented dual-whipset design delivers unrivaled power, safety, and simplicity. With a hydraulic design, counter-rotational forces for optimal cleaning, and easy-to-use controls - the Dual Impact BinWhip makes light work of compacted buildup from bins and silos. 

  • Breaks down for quick and easy transport from job to job

  • Adapts to fit vessels of all shapes and sizes 

  • Electric-powered 

  • Make fine speed adjustments to fit your needs 

  • Reversible controls for specialized cleaning tasks in difficult-to-reach areas 

  • Safe useability eliminates dangerous manual cleaning jobs

The BinDrill

Our BinDrill frees up material from bulk storage vessels before letting the Dual Impact BinWhip finish the job for maximum bulk product flow efficiency. The BinDrill offers a wide range of specially designed drill sections, unique for each task, capable of fumigating and sampling a product to cut costs on additional equipment. 

  • Works on virtually any bulk material 

  • Boosts safety procedures by eliminating hammering and poking 

  • Breaks down into easy-to-handle pieces for easy movement from bin to bin 

  • All-hydraulic power cuts through rock hard material, restoring 100% vessel capacity 

Cardox Co2 Blaster

Our Cardox Co2 Blaster is perfect for clearing potentially combustible materials from silos, kilns, bins, and preheater towers. Our engineers went to great lengths to develop a system that eliminates misfires, prevents stoppages, and promotes worker safety. Our Cardox system is incredibly powerful on buildups of all types, dependable, and easy to use. 

  • Adaptable to many different applications and systems 

  • Interchangeable components for use with other systems 

  • Reusable tubes can be filled, fired, rebuilt, filled, and then fired again 

  • Designed for the most hazardous environments with controlled, powerful, and gentle blasting


Enhance railcar loading and reduce hazardous topping-off activities to save hundreds of dollars per car. The RailSpreader easily adapts and optimizes to fit your existing configuration. Whether it’s a single chute or complex conveyor system, our railcar loading system is effective on all dry bulk commodities to optimize loaded fill weights. 

  • Easily adapts to existing loadout systems to maximize efficiency 

  • Multiple dust control access points and hood system protects employees from dust hazards

  • Industry-leading manufacturing and engineering ensures RailSpreader longevity in demanding conditions 

  • Eliminates the need for manual leveling activities

  • Optimizes loaded fill weights to save hundreds per car


Expedite unloading with the world's most powerful truck and railcar unloading equipment. The wirelessly controlled HopperPopper blast probe gets rid of stubborn bridges and hang-ups as it goes to increase plant productivity and minimize unsafe manual unloading practices. Speed up unloading and remove all of your bulk product today. 

  • Custom-tailored to fit your unique loadout area 

  • Wireless and handheld controller allows for safe operation 

  • Hydraulic powered blast makes light work of bridges, buildup, and hang-ups 

  • Eliminates the need for primitive homemade tools for scraping or poking stubborn product


Open flow channels to your discharge gate with the low-profile HopperBot. Easy to install in most loadout facilities, the HopperBot drives a powerful coring cylinder through densely packed material, allowing the material to pass unobstructed. This wirelessly controlled system allows for safe operation out of harm’s way. 

  • Only requires 25 feet of headspace for easy configuration into most loadout facilities 

  • A rugged robotic arm allows for a wide range of motion inside the hopper 

  • Clears flow channels from difficult-to-reach areas with rotating cutting head 

  • Keeps workers safe by eliminating hazardous manual railcar unloading practices

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