A Simple, Economical Flow Solution

More than 50 years ago, Ladco Materials Handing System introduced the Air Cannon Blaster to the market. In 1997, Pneumat Systems bought Ladco and it’s Air Cannon technology and then enhanced it to make it more effective.

The improved system is now sold as the AirForce Blaster a.k.a. AirForce Cannon Blaster, part of a comprehensive line of bulk flow management tools manufactured by Pneumat Systems.

Our Air Cannon blasting systems are used successfully in hundreds of commercial and industrial applications when bulk materials hang-up or quit flowing altogether. Pneumat Systems works with a variety of configurations, pressure and size options along with versatile product and installation recommendations to provide you with a solid solution.

Effective Power

The AirForce System is a permanent, automatic solution to persistent hang-ups in the bulk material production line. Regular blasts of safe, compressed air from AirForce Cannons cut down on material build-up, reduce hands-on work, and minimize day-to-day problems.