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Bindrill by Pneumat

Silo Bridging Solution: Bores Through Any Material, Gets Bulk Products Moving

The BinDrill works with the Pneumat BinWhip to free material from bulk storage vessels. Operated from the top of the vessel, the BinDrill functions like a mobile oil- or well-drilling rig–sections are added as the boring is completed.

When the BinDrill has drilled a flow channel, the BinWhip is lowered through the opening to finish the job. Both pieces of equipment use the same hydraulic power unit and controls. With the addition of specially designed drill sections for each task, the BinDrill is also capable of sampling and fumigating a product.

The BinDrill is effective on virtually any bulk material, including:

  • catalysts
  • cement
  • clay
  • clinke
  • coal
  • coarse ore
  • concentrate
  • coke
  • DDGs
  • feed
  • fertilizer
  • fly ash
  • hydrated lime
  • gravel
  • gypsum
  • minerals
  • paper pulp
  • pigments
  • plastics
  • powder
  • refuge
  • salt
  • sand
  • sawdust
  • slag
  • soda ash
  • soybean meal
  • talcum powder
  • wheat midds
  • wood chips
  • wood pulp

How BinDrill Works

See BinDrill in Action

Poking, hammering and air blasting are not the answer to bulk storage flow problems. BinDrill is. It’s the safe, effective way to break through bridged material in a bulk storage vessel. It’s also cost-effective. Fast and easy to use, it reduces lost production time and frees employees to do their jobs.


Binwhip Plugging


Combined with Pneumat’s BinWhip, plugged bins can be cleared effectively and safely.

Binwhip Bridging


When material is broken but bridges above the vessel opening, BinWhip and BinDrill will make the material flow.

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BinDrills are operated from the top of the storage vessel, which keeps personnel safe and out of confined spaces.

Easy to Handle

BinDrill breaks down into easily-handled pieces, making set-up and movement from bin to bin quick and easy. Two models fit a variety of applications. Depths of up to 150’ can be drilled, and with proper mounting, the drill can also be used from the bottom of the bin or silo.

Powered by Hydraulics

Precise, controlled, all-hydraulic power gives BinDrill the power to work its way through rock-hard materials. Only a 440 Volt 3-phase electrical hook-up is needed for use. Together with the BinWhip, the BinDrill restores 100% vessel capacity and leaves freed material ready for use.

BinDrill gets the job done.

BinWhip bin cleanout.