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Cardox Co2 by Pneumat

Safely Clear Combustible Materials

If you want to make quick work of blockages, plugs, and chokes in your preheater towers, silos, kilns, and bins, the Cardox CO2 Blaster could be your answer.

Cardox produces a controlled release of carbon dioxide at up to 34,000 psi, with the power to fracture concrete, coal, and other rock-hard materials. Because it does not present a fire hazard, Cardox is widely used in locations where dust, chemicals, or hazardous combustible materials are present.

Pneumat has led the development of Cardox technology for decades and is home to some of the nation’s leading Cardox experts. We are the inventors of the Rapid-Fill Pump and Auto-Fill Head that revolutionized how Cardox tubes are filled, eliminating the need to keep tubes refrigerated at the worksite.

The primary advantage of the Pneumat Cardox CO2 Blasting System is the extent to which our field technicians, engineers, and machinists have collaborated to produce a system that essentially eliminates misfires. Misfires are a frustrating scenario that results in downtime and threatens worker safety. Pneumat designs, builds, and uses all of the Cardox components we offer. Through our quality control process, tube recertification program, and in-depth training offerings, we are proud to provide our customers with the most complete Cardox solution on the market. It’s dependable, easy to use, and powerfully effective on buildup of all types. Pneumat’s Cardox customers enjoy:

  • The most competitive price on the market for consumables
  • Guaranteed available inventory (order today/ships today)
  • Flexible blasting and refilling equipment that’s adaptable to many different applications
  • Many components are interchangeable with other systems
  • Digital resources and on-site training from the nation’s leading Cardox experts

Having supplier issues? Pneumat has Cardox consumables (heaters, shear disks, etc.) ready to ship from our production floor here in the Midwest. Interchangeable with most Cardox systems. Call to place an order today.

The Ideal Cement Industry Solution

The Cardox CO 2 Blasting System is used extensively in the cement industry to keep product moving and minimize downtime. Cement manufacturers have to deal with some of the hardest buildup formations that exist in the dry bulk industry, and turn to Pneumat’s reliable, reusable Cardox system to safely eliminate kiln rings, cooler snowmen, and other blockages.

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How CO2 Blasting Works

cardox co2 during after blast

The Cardox CO2 Blasting system consists of a reusable metal tube that is secured into the vessel or material to be blasted.

Inside the high-strength steel alloy tube is a charge of liquid carbon dioxide and a safety heater. When the heater is remotely initiated by a small electric charge, the carbon dioxide inside the tube rapidly expands. At around 34,000 psi the pressure bursts a rupture disc and is released through the ports on the discharge head, unleashing a blast of inert gas with the power to dislodge and break up tons of material. The process occurs in less than one second – with no risk of igniting gasses or combustible materials in the vicinity.

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Safe, Reusable System

Pneumat’s proprietary Cardox CO2 blasting system is a safe and effective way to clear blockages and hang-ups from bulk material handling lines of all types. It gently but powerfully breaks apart concrete and other rock-hard materials without the shock wave, vibration, and noise of conventional explosives. Storage vessel walls remain protected from damage and rock fly is minimized. Cardox tubes can be re-filled on-site and safely transported to wherever they are needed. The tubes are designed to be filled, fired, rebuilt, filled, and fired again.

Designed for Use in Hazardous Environments

The hydraulic braking force of Cardox was originally designed for use in coal mines, where methane and other gasses pose a constant threat of fire or explosion. Acting on natural cracks and weaknesses, Cardox dislodges stuck material by rapidly releasing a blast of CO2 gas at up to 34,000 psi. Your team deploys the system from a safe distance and Cardox does the work, fracturing material in a controlled manner without the high-velocity shock wave of an explosive. It can even be used in hot kilns where the internal temperature can be up to 1500 degrees fahrenheit.

Cardox Is Valued by Diverse Industries

The Cardox carbon dioxide blasting system isn’t just for mining and cement production feeders, kilns, and preheater/precalciner systems. It is also widely used in feed mills, elevators, and other grain handling facilities on agricultural products that have spoiled, caked, burned, or hardened inside a bin or silo. Paper and pulp mills, waste handling & storage systems, and chemical production plants represent environments where product can solidify inside vessels in hazardous environments where dust, biogasses, or other combustible materials exist. The Pneumat Cardox CO2 Blaster works where other tools cannot – in high-temperature production areas and wherever flammable, combustible, or explosive materials are stored. And the harder the material, the better Cardox works!

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