Safely Clear Combustible Materials

If you want to make quick work of clearing blockages, plugs and chokes in your pre heater towers, silos, kilns and bins, the Cardox CO2 Blaster could be your answer.

Cardox produces a controlled release of liquid CO2 at up to 34,000 psi with the power to break concrete, coal and other rock-hard materials. Because it does not present a fire hazard, Cardox is widely used in locations where dust, chemicals or hazardous combustible materials are present.

Pneumat designs, builds and inventories all of the Cardox components we offer, in fact, we use Cardox on a daily basis in our Silo Clean Out Services. Our hands on approach led us to develop the Rapid-Fill Pump and the Auto-Fill Head that revolutionized how Cardox tubes are filled. Pneumat’s Cardox CO2 Blasting System is simple, efficient and more reliable than any other system on the market, effectively making misfires a thing of the past.

  • The most competitive price on the market for consumables
  • Guaranteed available inventory (order today/ships today)
  • Safe-reusable system
  • Interchangeable components with other systems
  • Qualified, experienced Technicians to assist with questions
  • On-site training by the Country’s leading Cardox experts