NEW Dual Impact BinWhip

The greatest revolution in bin cleaning equipment has arrived.  Pneumat’s Patented Dual Impact BinWhip.  Pneumat Systems invented the hydraulic BinWhip nearly 30 years ago and has continually been the industry’s innovation leader.  With over a 400% improvement in performance, the new Dual Impact BinWhip from Pneumat Systems is a game changer.

Patented Design, Durable Construction

The advanced patented design of the new Dual Impact whip head provides the ability to hit harder without twisting the hose.  The system’s specially engineered gearbox allows for the full transfer of power from the hydraulic power unit to the rotating whips.  Each Dual Impact BinWhip is backed by extensive field-testing and the most knowledgeable service technicians in the industry.

Improved Productivity & Efficiency

The Dual Impact BinWhip not only delivers unmatched cleaning power, it provides a level of productivity and efficiency never seen before in the bulk solids industry.  The high efficiency output of the Dual Impact BinWhip cleans and clears bins faster than ever before.  The new design powers through all types of materials, especially hard material like cement and ddgs.  The counter rotational Whipsets allow the unit to tackle changes in product density, including difficult “ledge” formations within the bin with ease.

That means fewer man-hours and more product moving!

dual impact binwhip

Dual Impact Technology

Pneumat’s new Dual Impact whip head utilizes two sets of whips turning in opposite directions simultaneously.  This multi-directional design allows the unit to power through the toughest hang-ups in a fraction of the time, providing double the impact power.  In addition, the counter rotational forces keep the unit in the target zone, maximizing bin cleaning efforts, increasing overall effectiveness and providing improved operator control.

·      Whipsets turn in opposite directions

·      Dual impact power

·      Stays in the target zone

·      Cleans bins faster than ever before