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Boost employee safety and plant profitability for years to come.

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Revolutionary New Design

Double whipsets rotating in opposite directions stabilize the whip head for maximum power and control
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A Long-Term Investment

Proven longevity in the harshest work environments, the rugged BinWhip is truly industrial-grade
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Legendary Service + Support

Our expert team and training resources ensure you'll have the system up and running quickly and safely
Dual Impact BinWhip Effectiveness
400% Performance Improvement

vs. single whip design

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Need technical data? Pricing info? Training or supplies? Submit your inquiry and we will promptly send you the requested information.

Safely dislodge buildup with a complete selection of durable whipsets for explosive or non-explosive environments.

Dibw Uhmw Knuckle Whip

Star Knuckle

Nylon rope with ultra-high-molecular-weight abrasion-resistant polyethylene knuckles
Dibw Bronze Chain

Bronze Chain

Durable non-sparking corrosion-resistant bronze chain
Dibw Steel Chain

Steel Chain

Steel chain with maximum impact strength for non-explosive environments
Dual Impact Binwhip Silo Bin Cleaning Cutaway

PROVEN EFFECTIVE on Bulk Materials of All Types

  • feed
  • DDGs
  • wheat midds
  • soybean meal
  • fertilizer
  • cement
  • catalysts
  • clay
  • glass
  • clinker
  • coal
  • coarse ore
  • concentrate
  • coke
  • fly ash
  • hydrated lime
  • wood chips
  • gravel
  • gypsum
  • minerals
  • paper pulp
  • pigments
  • plastics
  • powders
  • refuse
  • salt
  • dust
  • sand
  • sawdust
  • slag
  • soda ash
  • talcum powder
  • flour
  • blood meal
  • wood pulp
  • many more...
Dual Impact Binwhip Assembly
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Clean MULTIPLE bins with ONE portable system.

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Dual Impact BinWhip Silo Cleaning System

dual impact binwhip

A New Revolution in Silo Cleaning Technology

Pneumat invented the hydraulic BinWhip in 1987, the first system of its kind. Since then, we've continued to innovate and improve, culminating in a patented dual-whipset design that delivers unmatched power, safety, and ease-of-use.

Safely remove rock-hard buildup without hazardous confined space entry.

Hydraulically-driven whipsets spinning in opposite directions deliver massively powerful shearing impacts to hung-up material. The counter-rotational forces generated by this unique design stabilize the whiphead – meaning the Dual Impact BinWhip won't skip over hard ledges or careen wildly about while you clean. It stays right where you need it – allowing the operator to dislodge and discharge material in a controlled fashion, while also protecting the system from stress and damage.

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  • Breaks down for easy transport from bin to bin
  • Adapts to vessels of all shapes and sizes
  • Powered by electricity – no plant air or expensive compressor rental required
  • Portable hydraulic power unit maximizes torque and hitting force while allowing fine speed adjustments
  • Rotation of the whipsets and other controls can be reversed for specialized cleaning tasks in hard-to-access locations
  • Pneumat provides unmatched support and training resources
  • The Dual Impact BinWhip is the safest and most effective bin and silo cleaning system on the market


The Dual Impact BinWhip blasts through the toughest hung-up material, dislodging it from silo walls and restoring the vessel to full capacity.



Pneumat's BinDrill is designed to drill holes in bridged material through which the BinWhip can enter and safely remove this hazardous formation.



The BinWhip makes quick work of troublesome ratholes, breaking up dead, non-flowing material and discharging it from the bin.



Using Pneumat's BinWhip & BinDrill silo cleaning equipment, your team can quickly clear blockages to unlock the product and profits stuck inside your bin.

Bin Whip Training Video Sample Ipad

Comprehensive Training Resources

Pneumat provides both face-to-face and in-depth video training resources. If you are interested in really getting to know our BinWhip system, this video series is a great place to start.

BinWhip helps companies large and small keep product moving around the world.

Built to Address the Unmet Needs of Bulk Material Handlers

If you store or process bulk materials, you know just how challenging removing compacted buildup from bins and silos can be. Traditional underpowered whips and flails lack adequate power and control, leaving facilities dissatisfied with slow progress and incomplete vessel cleanout.

The patented Dual-Impact BinWhip™ was designed to greatly accelerate buildup removal in bulk material storage and processing facilities of all types. Our patented hydraulic machine features double whipsets rotating in opposite directions. This creates powerful shearing impacts that rip through rock-hard materials with ease, while the counter-rotational forces balance out the whiphead so that it can be positioned exactly where it is needed by the operator.

When clearing bulk solids from a silo, it is common to encounter changes in product density that can result in ledge formations within the bin. Previous bin cleaning equipment struggled to deal with these variations, eating into the soft material while skipping over hard ledges.

The Dual Impact BinWhip's unique design allows it to cut a straight path through even the most challenging product formations, restoring 100% of your facility's storage capacity.

Dual Impact Binwhip Animation
Lowering Binwhip Into Silo

Why Hydraulics?

More Effective

Air Whip Vs Hydraulic Whip

Beware of Air

Because air is compressible, air-powered systems are lacking in torque and must rotate at extremely high speeds to achieve any useful hitting force. This results in a whiphead that can be difficult to control, spending much of its time swinging around unproductively in mid-air. This low-torque design also means that when the whips do make contact with hung-up material, the motor can struggle and stall, wasting even more time as it works to get back up to speed.

Hydraulic Hero

The Dual Impact BinWhip makes use of hydraulic power, which allows for fine whip speed control while delivering full hitting torque at any speed. The whiphead remains in constant contact with the product, attacking build-up with powerful shearing impacts until the job is done. The counter-rotational forces generated by the spinning whips stabilize the unit so that it cuts a straight path right where you want it.

Safer for People, Product, & Property

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Unlike air motors that exhaust oil while in use, all of the hydraulic fluid used in Pneumat's equipment is food grade, eliminating the possibility of a hazardous material release. With their unpredictable and difficult-to-control nature, air-powered systems also have a much higher chance of causing damage to silo interiors. Additionally, air-powered whipheads exhaust high volumes of compressed air into the bin, which can heighten dust levels and magnify explosion hazards.

Convenience & Flexibility

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With their inefficient design, an air-powered bin cleaning system can quickly deplete a facility's air supply or require ongoing rentals of large industrial air compressors at great expense. The Dual Impact BinWhip is powered by a portable hydraulic power unit with built-in hand cart that runs on convenient electricity. Also, unlike air whips that rotate in one direction only, our hydraulic design makes the rotation of the BinWhip easily reversible, giving the operator maximum control for accessing difficult-to-reach corners, recovering from entanglement, or other unique situations.

Built to Last

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The high rotation speed required by air-powered equipment subjects the whips and other system components to extreme levels of heat, friction, and wear. Our hydraulic high-torque design allows the BinWhip to remove more material at lower speeds, extending whip life up to 4 times. We engineer our equipment for maximum longevity and are proud to know of customers who have been using the same hydraulic Pneumat BinWhip system for over 30 years. With the new Dual Impact BinWhip, the stability imparted by the counter-rotational whiphead design prevents hose twisting and boom arm stress, extending the life of the equipment even further.

Allied products like our BinDrill and Cardox CO₂ Blasting system are used in conjunction with the BinWhip to facilitate any silo cleaning task.

Bindrill Box
Cardox Box

Pneumat makes our full line of silo cleanout equipment available for sale, and will train your team to use it safely and effectively. Or hire TeamPneumat to come eliminate the issue for you.

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Reach out to our experienced team members directly.

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What Our Customers Say

Upgrading to the Dual Impact BinWhip has cut our silo cleaning times dramatically. That thing is a beast.

Frank K.

ABS Aggregates, Inc.

It’s very apparent that Pneumat Systems is a professional, safety-oriented company. Their BinWhip system allows for greater control of product removal than competing systems.

Don F.

Ferguson Contracting, Inc.

Thanks again for helping us dislodge one hundred tons of material which had compressed and completely bridged our bin. I must admit to having doubts about the system but "seeing is believing".

Ian S.

British Gypsum Limited

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