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HopperPopper by Pneumat

Speed Up Unloading with Pneumat Systems’Powerful Truck & Railcar Unloading Equipment

Pneumat’s HopperPopper has solved the problems that come from banging, pounding and poking at DDGs and meal products to unload them out of railcars or trucks by combining the power of compressed air blast technology with precise hydraulic controls to finally do the job, safely and without damage.

By leveraging our patented* technology, the wirelessly controlled HopperPopper allows operators to position a hydraulically driven blast probe easily and safely about the hopper compartment, blasting bridges and hang-ups as they go. No more wacky homemade tools, no more ramming, pushing and scraping of backhoe style un-loaders that create their own set of problems.

  • Decrease unload times
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Minimize Worker Compensation risks
  • Eliminate banging and pounding
  • Increase plant efficiency
  • End damage to railcars and trucks

Throw away your sledgehammers and order your HopperPopper, today!

*Patent No. US 8,833,608 B2

Saturn Agriculture uses the HopperPopper to rapidly unload challenging material from 70-100 trucks each day at their 13-acre intermodal transloading facility in Joliet, IL.

HopperPopper Blaster Applications

Hopperpopper Pneumat Rail

Truck Facility Control Center

a. Hopper popper precision controls.

Precision Controls

HoppePopper Unloading Truck-lg

HopperPopper – Truck Sized Unit

HopperPopper Truck Control Center

HopperPopper Rail Transfer

Hopper popper truck unloading facility.

HopperPopper Truck Unloading Facility

Wireless Remote Controls

Pneumat’s HopperPopper is custom-tailored to fit your loadout area. With our wireless, handheld controller, operators will be able to easily and safely move the blast probe about the hopper compartment, blasting the bridges and hang-ups as they go. Operators will control the system from the top of the railcar, allowing them to keep their eyes on the system, eliminating car damage concerns.

Hopper popper wireless handheld controller.
HopperPopper Blaster Applications

Railcar Unloading

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The hydraulically driven blast probe quickly and safely enters the hopper compartment to allow for easy product unloading.


A concentrated blast of compressed air helps get into hard-to-reach bridges and hang-ups, loosening the product for fast and seamless unloading.


The railcar or truck unloading equipment’s blast of air helps break up the product without damage, allowing it to flow out of the discharge gate without breaking a sweat.


To decrease the amount of time and physical work required to unload railroad cars and trucks containing DDGs and soybean meal while enhancing safety and eliminating damage to these carriers. We look to enhance railcar unloading equipment and truck unloading equipment through cutting-edge technologies and smarter systems.


The HopperPopper uses our patented* technology to fluidize product in railcars and trucks with a high volume blast of compressed air. The Blast Probe is inserted into the hopper hydraulically using our wireless controller, and an intense blast of compressed air is released directly into the non-moving product, breaking it up and getting it to flow out of the discharge gate.

With Pneumat’s HopperPopper, we’ve combined the power of compressed air blast technology with precise hydraulic control to finally do the job of unloading problem products out of railcars and trucks safely and without damage.

*Patent No. US 8,833,608 B2

Unsafe Unloading Methods

The methods below are dangerous and hard on equipment. These unsafe methods for unloading railcars and unloading trucks — potentially damaging the product and putting unnecessary strain on equipment.

A Safer System and a Faster Process

The HopperPopper is our trusted system and the optimal way to go for truck and railcar unloading equipment. DDGs, Soybean Meal, and Wheat Mids can make the unloading process a massive headache. While in the past, these hard cars were a dreaded job — we’ve made it a breeze with our patented railcar and truck unloading equipment and technology. Gone are the days of slow and back-breaking unloading practices with primitive tools.

We provide you with a faster, safer system that prevents damage to your hoppers and product.

“It’s very apparent that Pneumat Systems is a professional, safety-oriented company.”

Don F., Ferguson Contracting, Inc.

“We gained a better product at a lower price, along with additional service we just didn’t get from the competition.”

Tom M., Cemex, Inc.

“It is obvious that you believe in your equipment and place a great deal of pride in its construction and the service you provide. In this day it is encouraging to find a company where customer satisfaction is still the key ingredient.”

Steve S., Nestlé Purina PetCare Company

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