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Railcar loading optimization technology eliminates hazardous topping-off activities and helps loadout facilities save hundreds of dollars per car.

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The RailSpreader can be adapted to existing loadout configurations of all types, from a single chute to complex conveyor systems with multiple drops. It's been proven effective on dry bulk commodities of all types.
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  • Dried Distiller's Grains (DDGs)
  • Soybean Meal
  • Canola Meal
  • Corn Gluten Meal
  • Pelletized Product
  • Salt
  • Minerals & Metals
  • Plastics

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Designed to reduce voids when loading materials with a low bulk density and high angle of repose, RailSpreader railcar loading systems help loadout facilities save millions in transportation costs by optimizing their loaded fill weights.

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Stop underfilling and overpaying!

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During the fill process, the RailSpreader assembly is lowered into the railcar through the loading hatch. As material flows into the hopper, a hydraulically-driven slinger disk propels the material outward, allowing the hopper to fill from the outside-in without voids. These railcar loading systems are powered by a robust hydraulic power unit and explosion-proof motors and electrical components come standard. RailSpreader functions can be programmed into existing PLC controllers for fully-automated loadout operations.

Stop Shoveling Cars

Ditch the Shovels

Reduce risk exposure by eliminating unsafe manual leveling activities. Integrates with dust collection systems to provide comprehensive dust control. Improve employee morale and reduce worker turnover at your facility.


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Stop Shoveling Cars

Ditch the Shovels

Reduce risk exposure by eliminating unsafe manual leveling activities. Integrates with dust collection systems to provide comprehensive dust control. Improve employee morale and reduce worker turnover at your facility.

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Sam Cebula

General Sales Manager, Pneumat Systems Inc.

Our industry loses thousands of dollars each day paying to ship empty space. If you can increase your fill weights by 5%, it's like every 20th car ships free! The RailSpreader has helped facilities of all types save millions in transportation costs while keeping their workers out of harm's way.

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RailSpreader Load Optimization System

Flexible Installation Configurations

Under Single Conveyor

Under Lowering Conveyor

Under Multiple Drops

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Could RailSpreader Railcar Loading Equipment Benefit Your Operation?

Leverages Existing Loadout Systems

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Building On Your Success

A RailSpreader installation leverages your existing equipment while introducing new efficiencies. Our engineers have successfully customized the system for a wide range of loadout facilities, including:

  • Soybean Processing Plants (meals & pellets)
  • Ethanol Producers (DDGs – Distiller's Dried Grains)
  • Corn Processing Plants (meals & pellets)
  • Mining Operations (mineral granules)  
  • Canola Processing Plants (meals & pellets)
  • Plastic Manufacturers (pelletized plastics)

Less Mess + Improved Air Quality

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Breathe Easier

The RailSpreader incorporates a hood system and multiple dust control access points. When integrated with a dust collection system, dust issues can be effectively remediated – protecting the health of your employees, reducing time spent on cleanup, and simplifying compliance with environmental regulations.

Boosts Employee Morale & Retention

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A Smart Approach to Risk Management

Dust exposure, engulfment hazards, temperature stress, working at heights, and the awkward ergonomics of climbing around a railcar trying to manually level material create a persistent constellation of serious risk exposure for your facility. Laborious work in these harsh conditions makes employees difficult to retain, resulting in ongoing turnover and training costs. Automating the leveling process by replacing your scoop shovels with a convenient set of electronic controls is an investment in a comfortable and safe workplace culture.

Built to Last

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Engineered For Maximum Longevity 

Pneumat Systems has been building industrial-grade bulk material handling equipment for over 40 years. We invented and sold the first RailSpreader systems over a decade ago, and are proud to have customers who have been operating them continuously ever since. Our highly-experienced team of engineers and machinists designs and builds our equipment at Pneumat's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Mankato, Minnesota. We back up our equipment installations with legendary training and support, promptly delivering any services, replacement parts, or other solutions our customers may need – ensuring they can continue to realize the benefits of their system for years to come.

What if your facility could save hundreds of dollars per railcar?

We've helped rail shippers across North America realize the incredible benefits of the RailSpreader system. Submit an inquiry or give us a call today to chat about whether the RailSpreader might be a fit for your facility.


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