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Save Money & Protect Employees

Loading railcars to maximum capacity can be difficult, whether your facility is shipping DDGs, pellets, meals like corn gluten meal or soybean meal, minerals, or many other bulk commodities. The RailSpreader system has been proven effective in facilities across North America, saving dry bulk rail shippers hundreds of dollars per car and millions in transportation costs annually.

Rapid Return-On-Investment

  • Dramatically reduces transportation costs by increasing loaded railcar weights
  • Eliminates the need for manual topping off activities, protecting worker health and safety
  • Safe, automated system improves worker morale and retention
  • Adaptable to your current loadout system
  • Integrates with dust collection systems to provide comprehensive dust control
  • Accelerates loadout by reducing the amount of time spent on cleaning and environmental compliance

Proven effective on materials of all types, including:

  • DDGs
  • Soybean Meal
  • Canola Meal
  • Corn Gluten Meal
  • Pellets
  • Salt
  • Minerals
  • Plastics

RailSpreader Applications

Under Single Conveyor

Under Lowering Conveyor

Under Multiple Drops

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Safely Level Grain Without Manual Shoveling

During Loadout Operation

After Loadout Operation

Advantages and Benefits

  • Maximizes the load to improve profitability.
  • Eliminates the need for manual labor inside the car. The load spreads evenly  as it flows, so there is no second step — no shoveling to eliminate a center pyramid.
  • Safer, faster, and easier than any other loading strategy.
  • Incorporates effective dust-control access points, remediating the dust issue  almost completely when linked with a dust collection system.


  • Hydraulic operation for power, reliability and smoothness
  • Explosion proof motors, controls, switches, and other electrical components
  • Operation can be managed by programming its functions into existing PLC  controllers for a fully automated system
  • Adaptable to many existing load-out configurations
  • Can be configured to work with 5- or 6-chute drops, or with articulated loading  arms commonly used with DDGs and other lightweight bulk materials as well integrated into retractable drag and screw conveyors

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