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High-density loading technology offers dry bulk rail shippers a solid return on investment while boosting productivity and protecting employees.

New Railcar Load System

Get the best return on investment productivity and eliminate unnecessary loading debris with unrivaled railcar loading systems from Pneumat Systems Inc.

High-density loading technology offers dry bulk rail shippers the best return on investment opportunity of 2021. Designed to reduce voids when loading materials with a low bulk density and high angle of repose. Loadout facilities save millions in transportation costs by optimizing fill weights with the RailSpreader system.

Reliable Railcar Loading Equipment

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Put down the scoop shovels and load railcars to full capacity with the push of a button on a convenient wireless control.
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Protect worker safety by eliminating the unsafe topping off activities that result in hazard exposures, high turnover, and low morale.
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Eliminate underweight cars and save millions in transportation costs by optimizing loaded fill weights with the RailSpreader system.

Save Money and Protect Your Product 

Loading railcars with DDGs, pellets, corn gluten meal and soybean meal can be a real challenge. At the end of the day, load-out areas get filled with debris, railcars ship out at only 90% capacity, and exhausted workers get injured or quit. Fortunately, there’s a flexible solution for automating your loadout operations that eliminates these issues and keeps product and profits flowing.

We offer a reliable railcar loading system that is adaptable to your existing loadout configuration.

Flexible Railcar Loading Systems

Under Single Conveyor

Under Lowering Conveyor

Under Multiple Drops


During the dry bulk product loading and fill process, material often builds towards the center of the railcar creating hard-to-reach voids at the outside edges. Underfilled cars cost dry bulk rail shippers millions in excess transportation costs over time.


Our engineering team developed the RailSpreader to integrate seamlessly with existing railcar loadout systems, bringing automation and a safer, faster, easier loading process. From soybean, canola, and corn processing plants to ethanol producers, mining operations, and plastic manufacturers — we've helped facilities all over North America optimize their railcar loading operations for maximum safety and productivity.

RailSpreader Loading System

  • Adapts easily to existing loadout configurations (single chute, complex conveyor systems, multiple drops, etc.)
  • Reduces voids when loading materials to save on transportation costs
  • Engineered for maximum durability and longevity

Improved Air Quality

  • Hood system and multiple access points easily integrates with dust collection systems
  • Protect the health and safety of your employees
  • Reduce cleanup time and ease compliance with environmental regulations

Maximum Loading and Savings

  • Optimize loading time and space with the state-of-the-art RailSpreader
  • Gone are the days of shovels or unsafe manual loading practices
  • Eliminate hazardous topping-off activities to keep workers safe

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Sam Cebula

General Sales Manager, Pneumat Systems Inc.

Our industry loses thousands of dollars each day paying to ship empty space. If you can increase your fill weights by 5%, it's like every 20th car ships free! The RailSpreader has helped facilities of all types save millions in transportation costs while keeping their workers out of harm's way.

Choose a time that works for you to chat with a product expert about whether RailSpreader technology might benefit your operation.

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Alternative fuel mandates are good for the environment but are creating huge problems throughout cement manufacturing production lines. (Have you seen the mess burnt pistachio hulls can leave in a preheater tower!?) We've got solutions for just about everything, and the ability to train plant staff on how to deploy them safely and effectively.

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Our railcar loading system, the RailSpreader, has been successfully deployed in a wide array of plants, with varying types of load-out systems, increasing fill rates every time.

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