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Silo cleaning contractors who partner with Pneumat Systems have access to the world's most effective bulk flow equipment and expertise. Put the power of Pneumat to work at your facility by hiring a service provider equipped with the BinDrill®, Dual Impact BinWhip®, and related systems.

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Specialty Silo Services is our preferred silo cleaning service provider. Through their nationwide fleet of technicians they can apply proven Pneumat technology to the bulk flow problems that exist at your facility.

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A Legacy of Excellence

Since 1980, Pneumat has been designing and developing innovative bulk material handling equipment. While our offerings did include silo cleaning services in the past, today we are focused exclusively on manufacturing superior equipment and helping our customers deploy it effectively with legendary training and support.

We look forward to discussing the issues facing your facility and providing whatever information we can to help you make the best purchasing decision for your company.

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We've helped bulk material handlers of all types realize the benefits of our dependable bin and silo cleaning equipment. Submit an inquiry or give us a call today to chat about whether our solutions might be a fit for your facility.


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